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Since 1990 C & S Lightweight have become one of CSR Hebel's biggest distributors of Hebel AAC aerated concrete cladding, blocks and panels known as PowerWall, PowerFloor and PowerPanelXL .


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C & S Lightweight are a family operated business and pride ourselves in having supplied over $10,000,000 worth of products and providing extensive installation and supply expertise in more than 4,000 projects over the past 15 years.

We have undertaken numerous commercial and industrial projects and have unparalleled expertise installing in complex and challenging environments:

C & S Lightweight have been involved with a lot of different types of projects during our involvement with Hebel, because of its versatility and our own ability to take on everything from large architect-designed buildings to commercial projects.

C & S Lightweight have an established reputation in the industry and deal  exclusively with the CSR Hebel product range. As such, we are building specialists, concentrating on providing expertise with the entire scope of Hebel building products. From design, estimation/specification, supply and installation.

Our services include:

Being one of the oldest and most experienced Hebel distributors in Australia, C&S Lightweight have been directly involved in the development of various panel/block systems in conjunction with CSR Hebel. 

C&S Lightweight maintain full time staff available to work on your project and depending on the the workload, can quickly increase staffing levels as the need arises.

C&S Lightweight have instant access to reliable and experienced contractors to assist in your project requirements.


17 Edgecombe Court Moorabbin, VIC 3189

(03) 9555 3890

(03) 9555 2890