C & S Lightweight have many years of experience working closely with builders, developers and designers and can be called on to jointly or independently develop the best solution, supply all required product from the Hebel Catalogue and install to specification or as required.

Hebel systems are fast to construct, easy to achieve NCC compliance, maximise space utilisation and have the ‘lightweight but solid’ advantage over concrete without the construction and cost constraints.

Hebel products and systems deliver a range of outstanding benefits to builders, developers and designers and are versatile and can be found in many common applications:


External Walls
Hebel external wall systems are suitable for projects ranging from low-rise industrial and commercial developments to high-rise offices.

Internal Walls
The Hebel PowerPanel+ internal wall system provides a solid and slender non-loadbearing wall for use in commercial applications such as between offices, around toilets and between industrial units as a fire wall with an FRL up to 4 hours.

Fire Tunnels
The PowerPanel+ Fire Tunnel System utilises the exceptional fire resistant properties of caged steel reinforced Hebel panels. The system is constructed using 125mm thick wall panels, supported by a steel frame and Hebel ceiling panel section (150 – 200 thick panels), which encloses the fire tunnel.

Intertenancy Walls
Hebel Intertenancy Wall Systems provide solid and secure walls that maximise floorspace, minimise costs and risks – while delivering long-term value.

These systems are simple to specify with only two types of plasterboard lining to be considered for most system types – standard or moisture resistant.

Hebel Intertenancy Wall Systems include walls with concealed water services on one side and both sides, with a system for large services applications such as shower mixers in both apartments – all maximising floorspace.

Corridor Walls
Hebel Corridor Wall Systems maximise floor space and provide solid secure walls for services located on one side between common areas and apartments. These walls typically require a minimum sound insulation of Rw = 50 dB which Hebel Corridor Wall Systems easily achieve and a minimum fire rating level of -/60/60 – well-surpassed by CSR Hebel with a fire rating level of -/90/90 for wall heights up to 3.3 metres and -/120/120 for walls up to 4.65 metres (vertically) when caged tongue and groove PowerPanel is used.

For wall heights higher than 3.3m and up to 4.65m (vertical), caged tongue & groove PowerPanel can be used which will achieve a FRL of -/120/120. This panel can also be installed horizontally to a maximum panel length of 4800mm and to an unlimited height without the need for thin bed adhesive at the panel joints.

Services Walls
Single mesh or caged Hebel PowerPanel is used in the Hebel Services Wall Systems to isolate and secure plant rooms from other areas of the building. For tall shaft risers with fire ratings up to 2 hours, PowerPanel can be installed horizontally to an unlimited height without the need for thin bed adhesive at the panel joints.

High Rise Facades
Lightweight and strong, Hebel panels can be used for external facade walls in apartments with either hidden or visible edge beams.
Creating a high rise facade with Hebel provides substantial cost savings compared to traditional masonry, such as bricks, and is a popular choice with residential developers seeking style and market appeal.

Balcony Blades
CSR Hebel has developed a fully engineered slim line balcony blade system for use in high rise residential developments. The blade design has been refined to an overall wall thickness of 200mm. This assists in maximising the usable balcony space, as well as aligning the width with internal walls – an important design aspect.

The Hebel PowerFloor+ flooring system is a loadbearing reinforced flooring system that can span up to 5.85 metres and provides a solid, fully engineered cross-braced floor for residential and commercial construction. Lightweight, yet strong, and offering enhanced insulation, this system can be laid in place without formwork or support and is trafficable immediately following installation. The interlocking of panels with grout creates a full fire seal between panels, and combined with Hebel’s unique fire resistant properties, the PowerFloor+ system can achieve FRL’s of up to 3 hours without relying on ceiling systems. Once finished, the floor provides a solid base for a range of floor coverings.


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