C & S Lightweight have many years of experience working closely with builders, developers and designers and can be called on to jointly or independently develop the best solution, supply all required product from the Hebel Catalogue and install to specification or as required.

Hebel products and systems deliver a range of outstanding benefits to builders and homeowners and can be used in many common building applications:


Zero Boundary Walls
Hebel’s PowerPanelXL Boundary Wall system is one of the most efficient ways to install boundary walls.

PowerPanelXL is fast to install, requires less scaffolding on site and can lead to significant cost savings. Containing steel reinforcement coated with an anti-corrosion layer for maximum durability and strength, PowerPanelXL is non-combustible, and in the specially engineered boundary wall system, provides outstanding thermal and acoustic performance resulting in a quiet, comfortable home and savings on energy costs.

External Walls
Hebel PowerPanel XL is one of the most efficient ways to clad residential walls, resulting in a strong, solid and attractive facade.

Non-combustible with an FRL of 180/180/180 and offering outstanding acoustic and thermal properties, this system is safe, low-risk and results in a more quiet and comfortable home for the resident.

Intertenancy and Party Walls
Hebel’s PowerPanelXL Intertenancy wall system is a BCA compliant solution for low rise multi-residential frame construction.

Consisting of a non-load bearing PowerPanelXL partition, installed vertically and secured between the structural load-bearing steel or timber framing, the PowerPanelXL intertenancy wall system is not affected by wet weather during installation and can be made to length in the factory, resulting in efficient installation and construction.

Hebel flooring systems offer exceptional benefits for multi-residential properties, delivering the solid feel of a concrete floor at a lower cost.

The Hebel PowerFloor system consists of 75mm panels containing steel reinforcement with an anti-corrosion protection layer, to ensure maximum strength and durability. These panels are installed over steel or timber joists to provide an outstanding flooring solution for suspended ground floors or midfloors with excellent thermal and acoustic performance. Once finished, the Hebel PowerFloor system provides a solid base for just about any floor covering.

The Hebel PowerFloor+ flooring system is a loadbearing reinforced flooring system that can span up to 5.85 metres and provides a solid, fully engineered cross-braced floor for residential construction. Lightweight, yet strong, and offering enhanced insulation, this system can be laid in place without formwork or support and is trafficable immediately following installation. The interlocking of the panels with grout creates a full fire seal between panels, and combined with Hebel’s unique fire resistant properties, it can mean the PowerFloor+ system can achieve FRL’s of up to 3 hours. Once finished, the floor provides a solid base for a range of floor coverings.

Hebel PowerFence provides an innovative, solid fencing system that’s attractive, versatile and easy to install ��" adding the perfect touch to your multi-residential project.

Using standard 1800 x 600 x 75mm panels, steel brackets and steel posts which can be easily and quickly erected without the need for excavation or strip footing, the PowerFence system is ideal for boundary fencing and as an alternative to standard masonry for front fences.

Finished in either an expressed or monolithic look, the Hebel PowerFence can be painted or rendered to enhance the visual appeal of any project.


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