Hebel AAC Lightweight Concrete Masonry Cladding - PowerPanelXL

Hebel PowerPanelXL. Better to build with...

Hebel PowerPanelXL panels are faster to install and require significantly less labour compared to traditional masonry construction techniques, which leads to substantial savings in site costs.

Being a lightweight concrete reinforced with steel, Hebel PowerPanelXL panels pass the critical ‘knock test’. They are lightweight yet solid and tough as brick.

Hebel’s unique AAC construction provides superior insulation qualities for a masonry product.

For unit and home owners, the thermal efficiencies of Hebel reduces the reliance on heating and cooling appliances – the combined effects of using a heater less in winter and fans or air conditioning less in summer and warmer months, can have a big impact on rising energy costs.

Hebel is non-combustible and renowned for its highly fire resistant properties.

The PowerPanelXL External Wall System achieves a FRL (Fire Resistance Level) up to 180 minutes (assessed by CSIRO). Highly fire resistant means peace of mind and added security for you and your family or customers.

Hebel pioneered the introduction of lightweight wall panels providing acoustic performance levels at or above Rw + Ctr = 50 in high rise multi-residential buildings. A sound reason for better acoustic qualities.

As environmental consciousness and social responsibility increases, Hebel is striving to exceed further to set new sustainability standards in building materials and residential living. Hebel uses 61% and 64% less embodied energy and 64% and 55% less greenhouse gas emissions than the comparative products, concrete and brick veneer respectively.

Hebel PowerPanelXL is now a more efficient way to build

The Hebel PowerPanelXL External Wall System, now 20% lighter

Hebel PowerPanelXL has been designed 20% lighter without compromising the structural integrity of the panel (refer to technical information).

The Hebel PowerPanelXL External Wall System for Houses & Low Rise Multi-Residential applications has been designed for homes built using either timber or steel framing including home extensions or re-cladding of existing homes. The system consists of 75mm thick, steel-reinforced Hebel PowerPanelXL panels, fixed vertically to horizontal battens attached to the load-bearing frame.

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