Hebel AAC Lightweight Concrete Wall Panels - PowerWall


  • With Hebel tm PowerWall ™, your home will reach lock-up stage sooner
  • The installation of Hebel ™ PowerWall ™ is very fase, especially on purpose-designed houses.
  • Any competent tradesperson can easily install Hebel ™ PowerWall ™. Two people can install up to 100m2 of external wall in about three days.
  • The modular design of the dwelling g minimizes waste.
  • A standard 2400mm Hebel ™ PowerPanel ™ weighs about 74kg when delivered*, which two people can position. No cranes are required.


  • Hebel ™ PowerWall ™ gives you greet freedom in designing your home and you can customize the style by applying colored and textured coatings to the PowerPanelstm.
  • A thinner external wall results in greater internal living space and design flexibility. A 50mm reduction in external wall thickness can provide about 2% extra internal space for the same external dimensions.


  • Hebel ™ PowerWall ™ is a solid choice. It’s extremely strong, and each Hebel ™ PowerWall ™ is steel reinforced.
  • Capable of up to four hous fire resistance for a fire source on the PowerPanel ™ side.
  • Hebel ™ PowerWall ™ does not provide a food source for vermin or termites.

Lower Energy Costs

  • As with all Hebel ™ products, Hebel ™ PowerWall ™ has excellent themal properties. This feature results in lower heating and cooling costs at no additional building expense. 
Thermal Properties of Wall Systems

The core component of Hebeltm PowerWalltm is the 75mm think Hebeltm PowerPaneltm. The PowerPaneltm is manufactured in a range of stock sizes as detailed in the following table

Standard and Manufactured Panel Sizes
Typical Hebeltm PowerPaneltm and Panel X-Section


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